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The Best [Cheap & Fast] Web Hosting Providers of 2023

Whether you want to start a blog about your cat, or build a website for your business, you’ll need a hosting provider. Preferably one that includes a free domain, a backup, and enough storage space to outgrow YouTube. Oh, and of course, it must load faster than a SpaceX rocket ship. But which one to choose? There are 100’s of web hosting providers out there. And you don’t have time to test all of them.

So we’ve done it for you. Since 2014, we’ve been comparing the best cheap web hosting services. At first, it was for our site. Today, we do it for fun (it’s no secret: we’re a bit geeky). We’ve tested 32 shared hosting providers, 11 cloud hosting services, 7 VPS, and 5 dedicated servers. When we compare shared web hosts, we want to make sure we compare apples to apples. So our process is the same for each provider:

  • We sign up for a web hosting service and buy the best package for up to $ 5,00 per month.
  • We build the same basic WordPress website, using the same free WordPress theme, at every host.
  • We don’t install a caching plugin, and we don’t use a CDN. We test each service “out of the box.”
  • We measure the load speed (LCP in GTMetrix) and uptime (UptimeRobot) throughout the year.
  • We compare what’s included for free and what’s not (domain, SSL, SSD storage, backups, CDN, etc.).
  • We chat with customer service, serve them a complex problem and ask them to solve it (they love us).
  • We read the user reviews on Trustpilot and study what people love and hate about the service.

We then crunch the numbers, have a heated discussion, and don’t leave until we agree on the best web host of 2023:

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