About SoftwareLab.org

An independent software testing company

SoftwareLab’s mission is the help consumers find the best software products at the best price. 

SoftwareLab is part of Momento Ventures Inc, a small company proud to serve 100.000’s of users every month.


How do we test products?

We buy products online and test them thorougly inhouse on functionality, performance speed and features. The exact parameters used differ per product category.


How do we decide what products to test?

We select our products based on extensive market research. We aim to test as many products as we reasonably can, preferably the entire industry, and show the top 5 in our comparisons.


How do we make money?

We make money through an affiliate business model. That means that we make a portion of the amount spent by consumers when making a purchase.


How do we grade products?

We take both our own product analysis into consideration as well as those of other reputable testing facilities, before determining the final score. 


Are we are a non-profit or for-profit company?

We are a mission-drive, for profit company. Our mission is to help consumers make better purchase decisions. We believe a for-profit model is the best way to sustainably fund this mission.


Why do we earn money?

To be able to publish our test results for free, fund future testing and remain independent, we earn a portion of the amount spent by consumers. 


How often do we test products?

We update each product category at least once every 12 months. Whenever major changes in the industry occur, we also re-analyse our results and update them.


Are we an independent organisation?

Yes. We are an independent testing company funded by the revenue we generate through our website, and a group of angel investors and venture capitalists led by  Lanzadera.

Do we certify products?

We currently do not offer any certification services within the industries that we analyse. If and when this would change, we will update this section.

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