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The Best Antivirus for iPhone & iOS of 2022

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Do you need antivirus software on you iPhone?

No, not really. Although there are some malware for iOS, there aren’t many. And on top of that, antivirus software have no way of scanning for them.

The way it works is this: On Windows, Mac and Android, antivirus software have full access to the operating system. That’s how they can scan these devices and discover any malware that might be present on them.

That is not the case on iOS. Every app runs in its own “sandbox” without access to the rest of the device. This means that even if your iPhone would be infected with malware, the antivirus would have no way of finding it.

So what can you do to increase the security on your iPhone or iPad?

1. Stop those ads from following you around the web (a built-in feature)

Go to “Settings”, then to “Safari”, and check the box next to “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. Now tracking data is regularly deleted. This prevents data companies from tracking you across the web and advertising their products and services.

2. Get a warning when you visit a dangerous website (a built-in feature)

Go to “Settings”, then to “Safari”, and check the box next to “Fraudulent Website Warning”. With this turned on, you’ll receive a warning whenever you visit a website that is known for phishing, which is the stealing of personal information, such as login details and credit card information.

3. Become anonymous online by getting a VPN 

With a virtual private network (VPN), you can encrypt your internet connection and hide your IP address. The means that governments, data companies, and your internet service providers can no longer track your every move online. You’ll be fully anonymous.

On top of that, you’ll be able to use public WiFi networks without needing to worry about hackers. After all, your internet connection is now encrypted. So even if a hacker would find its way onto the network and hack your data, he can only see gibberish. You’ll be completely safe.

4. Create secure and unique passwords by getting a password manager

Using the same email and password for every account is really unsafe. If one of your accounts get hacked, all others are compromised too. 

However, creating highly secure and unique passwords, like _@tMz~&dc.ys, is difficult. Not to mention remembering and typing them. This is where password managers come in. They are tools that help your create, store and autofill super secure passwords.

It takes some time to replace the passwords for all your accounts. But once it’s done, you can’t imagine having every lived without a password manager.

So how to select the best VPN and password manager for iOS?

We’re here to help. Since 2014, we have reviewed 100’s of the best antivirus for Windows 10 PCs, Mac, Android, and iOS. On top of that, we have extensively tested endless VPN (some in a VPN-antivirus-combo) and password managers. Below is our list of the most recommended tools:

#1. Norton – See price

The best all-in-one solution: Password manager & VPN.

  • Online Privacy 100% 100%
  • Password Protection 100% 100%

#2. Dashlane

An excellent password manager, with a basic VPN.

  • Online Privacy 100% 100%
  • Password Protection 100% 100%

#3. NordVPN

The best VPN, but the password manager costs extra.

  • Online Privacy 100% 100%
  • Password Protection 71% 71%


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