How We Make Money

We receive referral commissions from our partners

How we make money

Our Values

Our Core Values: Independent Testing & Transparency

At SoftwareLab, we understand that the foundation of trust is built on two key pillars: independent testing and unwavering transparency. These values are central to our ethos and influence every decision we make.

Independent Testing

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, users need to know that the software they choose is tried, tested, and true. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every Antivirus and VPN software undergoes a standardized, rigorous, and in-depth testing process.

This isn’t just a cursory glance; it’s a deep dive. We pride ourselves on being straightforward and honest in our writing. When we recommend a product or point out its drawbacks, you can rest assured knowing that our opinions are informed, unbiased, and genuine.


Trust isn’t just built; it’s earned. We prioritize the trust of our readers above everything else. You won’t find paid-for positive reviews here, nor will we modify our insights in exchange for favors. We stand firm in our commitment to being transparent about both the strengths and flaws of every product we review.

Moreover, our operations, from testing procedures to revenue generation, are an open book. When we say we’re transparent about how we operate and how we make money, we mean it.

In a world filled with claims and counterclaims, we’re here to provide you with genuine, transparent, and independently-tested insights. Trust in our process, and let us guide you to the best cybersecurity choices.

How We Make Money

At SoftwareLab, our commitment to honesty and transparency extends beyond our reviews. It’s important for us that our readers understand our revenue model. Here’s a detailed look at how we fund our research and keep our platform running.

Free Access to Premium Research

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that every piece of research we publish is available to our readers at no cost. We believe that knowledge, especially concerning digital security, should be accessible to all. This approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their budget, can make informed decisions about their cybersecurity.

Referral Commissions

While our research is free, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison platform is resource-intensive. To support our operations, we partner with some of the brands featured on our website. Here’s how it works: when you click on a link directing you to one of these brands and decide to make a purchase, we may earn a referral commission.

It’s crucial to understand that these commissions are shouldered by the manufacturers and not by our readers. When using our referral links, you often land on exclusive discount pages that aren’t readily available to the general public. In essence, you benefit from special discounts, the brand secures a sale, and we receive a commission that helps us fund our ongoing research.

Our Commitment to Objectivity

While referral commissions play a role in our operational funding, they have zero influence on the content, quality, and objectivity of our reviews. Our primary responsibility is to our readers. No brand can pay to alter our reviews or secure a favorable position. Every rating and recommendation we make stems from rigorous testing and genuine analysis.

Your Role in Our Journey

Your trust and support empower us to continue our mission. By choosing to make informed purchases through our platform, you’re not only securing the best products for yourself but also enabling us to expand our research and bring more value to users worldwide.

We are deeply grateful for this trust, and we promise to uphold our commitment to honesty and transparency at all times. Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We hope our work continues to assist you in navigating the intricate world of cybersecurity.

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