The 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android of 2021

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There are a lot of malicious apps for Android. In fact, some antivirus for Android are so ineffective, that even they can be considered malware. Of the 250 antivirus tested, 138 detected less than 30% of all malware samples.

So how can you know which antivirus to trust? We are here to help. Since 2014, we have tested and review 100’s of antivirus for AndroidWindows, Mac, and iOS.

The best apps will allow you to become anonymous online and safe on public WiFi. They will help you to locate, lock and wipe your phone when stolen. They will generate and store secure passwords for you. And, of course, keep you safe from malware and hackers.

The features to look for are malware protection, anti-phishing, a password manager, a virtual private network (VPN), and anti-theft.

The best antivirus for your Android smartphone or tablet are: 

#1. Norton

Perfect protection, and the best privacy features.

  • Malware Protection 100% 100%
  • Online Privacy 100% 100%

#2. BitDefender

Perfect protection, anti-theft, and privacy features.

  • Malware Protection 100% 100%
  • Online Privacy 100% 100%

#3. Kaspersky

Perfect protection, but missing a few privacy features.

  • Malware Protection 100% 100%
  • Online Privacy 91% 91%

#4. McAfee

Close-to-perfect protection, but a poor privacy policy.

  • Malware Protection 96% 96%
  • Online Privacy 46% 46%

#5. Avast

Perfect protection, but caught-up in a privacy scandal.

  • Malware Protection 100% 100%
  • Online Privacy 41% 41%

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