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Norton is the most complete antivirus solution in 2020. If you want the best protection, this is it.

VPN: Unlimited
Refund Policy: 60 days
Customer Support: 24/7 Free
Protected Devices: 1 – 10
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS 

A new name: Goodbye Symantec, hello NortonLifeLock. 

Norton and Symantec have broken up. What does this mean for you? Not a lot to be honest. Symantec has been bought by Broadcom and now only serves enterprise customers. Norton on the other hand, focuses exclusively on consumers like you and me.

And frankly, it’s doing so better than ever. Norton, now called NortonLifeLock, is the most complete security software available on the market, by far. 

The Good

  • Perfect protection from malware: Norton achieves perfect results in the protection tests on Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • Full identity protection:  Norton monitors the internet, including the dark web, for illegal use of your name and information.
  • Full VPN & online privacy: Norton is the only antivirus that includes a full VPN for free. Most competitors limit their VPN to 200mb per day.
  • Award-winning parental controls: Norton gives you control over what your children can view and download online.
  • Tons of bonus features: Norton includes cloud backup (2GB – 100GB), a smart firewall, webcam protection, and a password manager.
  • 100% Virus protection promise: Norton is so confident it will keep you safe, that if there is a virus they can’t remove, you get your money back. 

The Bad

  • Mac users miss out on a few features: The cloud backup, parental controls, and webcam protection are only for Windows.


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Norton 360 Premium with LifeLock 2020: Full Review

Below you can find our test methods, full review, and data sources

How We Test

Buying one of the top antivirus solutions is very important. 

To help you in your decision, we have analyzed Norton 360 with LifeLock according to 6 factors. In the graph below you can see each factor and the impact it has on the final score (expressed in percentage). 

o learn more about each factor, how Norton scored, and which sources we used to determine that score, keep reading.

  • Protection from Malware 50% 50%
  • Impact on Performance 15% 15%
  • Devices and Features 10% 10%
  • User Reviews 10% 10%
  • Value for Money 10% 10%
  • False Positives 5% 5%

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Norton 360: Protection from malware

The Good: Norton scores perfect protection scores for Windows 10, Mac, and Android. Making is a safe choice to protect you on all devices and operating software.

The Bad: Nothing.

What is a protection test?

AV-Test and AV-Comparatives are the world’s leading cybersecurity test labs. They run multiple protection tests per year, in which they challenge over 20 antivirus to protect against a variety of malware threats.

Antivirus software generally use three different methods to protect you. In the analysis by the labs, all three methods are put to the test:

1. Protection from known malware

Known malware are threats that have already been discovered by a cybersecurity company. Upon discovery, their digital signatures were uploaded to a huge online database.

Using these signatures, antivirus can now uncover these malware threats in the wild. This method is called signature-based detection and is the classic virus scanning method.

2. Protection from unknown malware

As malware is rapidly evolving, antivirus frequently have to fight new forms of malware that they have not seen before. They do this through a method called heuristic file scanning.

In this method, the antivirus scan your device for behavioral patterns that are common to malware. Such as file deletion or rapid file duplication. Once discovered, these threats are flagged, further investigated, and if necessary, eliminated.

3. Protection from user-focused threats

It is increasingly common that users, rather than their devices, are the target of hackers and scammers. For instance through phishing emails, in which a user is tricked into handing over sensitive information such as PayPal login details.

To protect users from these threats, antivirus use a wide range of security features, such as web and wifi advisors, spam filters, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware.

How did Norton score in the latest protection tests?

In AV-Test’s latest inspection of the antivirus industry, Norton was one of 11 antivirus software (from a total of 20 brands), that achieved a perfect score in its protection from Malware on Windows.

On Mac, all brands scored a perfect test score (there is less malware for Mac). And on Android, Norton again scored perfect test results, placing it among the top 13 brands out of 18. 


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Norton 360: Impact on Performance

The Good: Norton has no performance impact. Allowing your devices to keep running as smooth as ever.

The Bad: –

What is a performance test?

While you surf the web, play a game, or stream a movie, antivirus software is running in the background to protect you from malware. To be able to do this, it requires some recourses of your device. And sadly, this can have a negative speed impact.

The performance tests by AV-Comparatives and AV-Test analyze the negative speed impact of antivirus software on your device. Both of the test labs only ran performance analysis for Mac and Windows 10, not for Android.

How did Norton score in the latest performance tests?

On Windows, Norton had a perfect performance score, placing it among the 9 best brands out of 21. On Mac, Norton also achieved perfect results, placing it among the top 4 brands out of 10. On Android, every brand (including Norton) scored a perfect performance score. 

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Norton 360: Devices & Features

The Good: Norton supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and is the most complete cybersecurity product currently available. It features everything you need to keep your devices protected (anti-malware, online threat protection, cloud backup, firewall, password manager, and parental controls), to safeguard your privacy (VPN and webcam protection), and to protect yourself from identity theft.

The Bad: Some features are Windows only, such as the cloud backup, parental controls and webcam protection.

What is a devices and features test?

In this category, we analyze which devices are supported by the antivirus software, and which features are offered for each. Nearly all antivirus offer dedicated protection from Windows, Mac, and Android. But only a few do so for iOS.

Although iOS is safer than other operating software, iPhone and iPad users still fall into phishing traps, lose their phones, and use unsafe networks. Therefore, even an iOS user could benefit from a free VPN, anti-phishing security, and anti-theft tools.

Norton 360 Features:

Norton has never been this complete. Below we describe each feature in more detail, and tell you for what device it’s available:

1. Malware protection on Windows, Mac, and Android:

The core of Norton’s service. Norton uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, in combination with the largest civilian cyber threat intelligence network in the world, to keep you safe from malware in all its forms, including adware, botnetskeyloggers, ransomware, spyware, trojan horses, viruses, and worms.

2. Online threat protection on Windows, Mac, and Android:

Norton tracks online threats around the world to be one step ahead of all forms of cybercrime, including exploits, hackers, scams, phishing attempts, and spoofing

3. Cloud backup on Windows:

Whether it is a hard drive failure, accidental deletion, a natural disaster, theft, or a ransomware attack that compromises your data, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that all your files, documents, and photos are backed up. Norton offers cloud backup from 2GB to 100GB, but only on Windows devices. 

4. Smart firewall on Windows and Mac:

Norton’s firewall works together with its Intrusion Prevention Wall (IPS) as the first line of defense. As most malware reach their destination through the internet, this is an incredibly important barrier to keep your devices safe. 

5. Password manager for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS:

In an ideal world, each of your online accounts has a unique and complex password that looks something like this: #S!;f5_iE>$/xF5*Jq?] However, none of us can remember these. This is where a password manager comes in. It creates and stores complex passwords in a vault for each of your online accounts. All you need to remember is the master password to the vault.

6. Parental controls for Windows, Android, and iOS:

How do you know what your children and reading and downloading online? In the ever-increasing complexity of the internet, this is impossible. Norton parental controls show you what they watch, visit, search, and download. On Windows, it allows you to not only see, but also filter the content they are seeing. And on Android and iOS, it offers you the ability to check your childs location. 

7. Secure VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS:

Whenever you connect to a public WiFi you are at risk of being hacked. On top of that, your internet service provider (ISP) and government might be reading over your shoulder when you browse the web, even on your WiFi at home. This is where a VPN comes in. By encrypting your online activity, neither hackers, your ISP or the government can see what you do online. Privacy restored.

8. Webcam protection for Windows:

Did you know that hackers can use spyware to activate your webcam without your permission? Norton’s Safecam feature blocks access to your webcam from unauthorized requests.

9. Identity theft protection for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS:

There are two stages to this service by Norton:

9.1 Dark web monitoring: The first stage is the monitoring of the Dark Web, which is the “underground” of the internet. It is where illegal products and services are being sold, including personal data. NortonLifeLock searches the Dark Web for your email address and warns you in case it is being traded.

9.2 LifeLock identity alert and restore: The second stage is not only to monitor the internet for illegal use of your personal information, but also to help you recover from it. This comes packed with an insurance policy that covers personal expenses, money stolen, and lawyer costs up to 1 million dollars. 


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Norton 360: User Reviews

The Good: Norton is a user favorite. In the Google Play Store is has over 1.4 million reviews, giving Norton 4.7 stars out of 5. The highest rating of any antivirus software. Exceptional.

The Bad: Norton scored lower in TrustPilot, but by far fewer user reviews (less than 100).

What is a user review test?

User reviews are incredibly valuable when selecting a product. Companies know this, and are increasingly using them as a marketing tool. This makes it difficult to know which reviews to trust.

In our user review test we, therefore, select the most trustworthy sources to get data from, and average their scores. These are TrustPilot, a website solely focused on the collection of user reviews, and the Google Play Store, the app store for Android devices.

Norton 360: User review score

Norton scores excellently in this category. In the Google Play Store it has over 1.4 million user reviews giving it 4.7 stars out of 5.  A fantastic score placing it ahead of every other antivirus software we analyzed.

In TrustPilot, Norton has 162 reviews, giving it a 3.6 out of 10. This is not a great score at all. But when you average 162 revies with 1.4 million, those 162 disappear in the pile.

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Norton 360: Value for Money

The Good: Norton offers perfect protection for all devices, tons of bonus features including 25GB online backup and award-winning parental controls.

The Bad: Norton is one of the more expensive products in our comparison.

What is a value for money test?

In this category, we analyze the protection level and bonus features you get, in relationship to the amount you pay. We then compare this to the other antivirus software in our comparison.

Norton 360: Value for money score

Norton offers excellent protection and a range of valuable bonus features. Among others, Norton comes with a 25GB cloud backup and award-winning parental controls.

Simultaneously, however, it must be said that Norton is a slightly more expensive product than the other antivirus software in our comparison.

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Norton 360: False Positives

The Good: Norton scored perfect scores in the false positives tests for Windows, Mac, and Android. Meaning it mistook no clean files for malware.

The Bad: –

What is a false positive test?

Antivirus use an advanced method to find malware, called heuristic file scanning, that sometimes mistakes a clean file for malware. When it does so, we call it a false positive.

Every antivirus software produces a certain amount of false positives, but some considerably more than others. Although this is nothing to worry about, it can be annoying to have a program blocked that you are trying to use.

How did Norton score in the latest false positives tests?

In each of the latest AV-Test analysis, Norton scored perfect test results on false positives. This means it mistook no ordinary files for malicious files. 

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Data Sources

Below you can find all the sources we have used in our analysis

Data sources we use

Protection, performance, and false positives data:

The tests performed by the independent IT security labs, called AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, form the core of our analysis. Their protection, performance, and false positives analysis make up 70% of the final grade of each antivirus software we review.

Rather than using the latest test to rate each antivirus, we average all scores achieved since January 2017. This allows you to get a better overview of the performance of the antivirus over time.

Since January 2017, more than 30 tests have been performed, analyzing well over 20 antivirus software. We found BitDefenderNortonPanda, BullGuardMcAfee, and Avast, to be the best across all platforms.

User review data:

The data for user reviews comes from TrustPilot and the Google Play Store

TrustPilot’s core focus is the collection of user reviews. It has over 45 million user reviews, covering over 200.000 companies.

The Google Play Store is the app store for Android, the most popular operating software in the world for smartphones. It has the most software reviews of any platform in the world, by far.

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